A household name keeps innovating

ux / ui / art direction

I led the conceptualising and design for BCAA’s brand new auto service department. BCAA is an automobile association that serves over a quarter of households in British Columbia. BCAA were looking to add auto service to their already diverse set of offerings, and needed a fresh website that could stand out on its own within the existing online presence.

An unique opportunity

We opted for a one page solution, as this was a soft launch with one location available. We set a very clear message and call to actions, so users can easily grasp the purpose of the new proposition.

A separate fixed menu would appear once users scrolled further down the page. This was to give users more focus on the new service.

We also used a custom google map to visually convey the location of the service. Users can click on the custom listing layer for more details. As more locations opened, this will be updated.

A flexible tabbed interface was used for the content, keeping it dynamic without using up too much real estate.

A fresh design

The final design was fresh, clean and easy to use. Primary brand colours were used to as highlights and controls. Although the page lived under the overarching site, it breathed new life into an exciting venture for BCAA.

This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work!

Please upgrade today!