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Rebranding nutraways

branding / art direction

Nutraways is one of Canada’s best supplement online retailers. When the owners came to us for a new website, I quickly realized that it was also the perfect opportunity to revitalize the brand to fit their target audience.

A new perspective

The old Nutraways brand was a legacy product of web 2.0. The brand had quickly evolved from essentially selling body building supplements, to a more complete supplier of everything related to health and fitness. More and more of their buyers were female, and the brand failed to engage this demographic.


The first (failed) attempt

At first, we decided to explore what can be done with the existing brand, and updating to reflect what we now understand from both the business, and user point of views.

After a few iterations I came to a solution which captured the ‘value’ proposition and unisex in nature.

Re-aligning the goals

This version was well received, but the owners felt that it didn’t quite capture the brand personality – they had a young, energetic and ambition team. After a workshop we realized we were trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, while trying to capture many different facets of the business.

The birth of vitasave

No matter how we dressed the name ‘Nutraways’ up it wasn’t quite hitting the mark as the name was ambiguous in nature. The owners took a leap of faith after we brainstormed a new name for the business, and ‘Vitasave’ was opted as a direction to explore. The key objectives remained the same with an additional objective to capture ‘energy’.

The solution

After a few iterations, I decided that we could use colours and simple shapes to convey the key ideas. Capturing only the critical essence of Vitasave was the key to a timeless, future-proof design.

A new chapter

The final solution achieved all of the goals and breathed new life into what was already a well-loved brand. It was a necessary catalyst to take the Nutraways brand into the future.

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